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by Casey on October 1, 2013

At 88Sears website, Sears Holding Corporation employees, managers and partners can find all the information they need concerning their employment and health in one place. The site is very easy to use and you can access it from anywhere as long as you have a computer connected to the internet. Both employees from past and present of Kmart, Land’s End and Sears can as well visit the human resource site for information.


There is quite a lot of information to view at www.88Sears.com website. If you are an employee at Sears Holding Corporation, you can access information concerning your earnings from the site. There is much information about employee earnings to find which includes Viewing Paychecks. The site also allows one to do a number of tasks like making direct deposits online, changing or updating direct deposit information as well as updating your W4 information. The Sears website can be accessed anytime you wish which makes it possible to track one’s overall earnings and make changes where possible. Tracking your earnings makes way for you to make savings and plan your budget for your personal projects.

Apart from information on employee earnings, 88Sears site also has the advantage of showing eligible benefits such as 401 K benefits, prescription drug programs, health insurance benefits and retirement plans. Since not every employee from the corporation may qualify for these benefits. The website well explains the conditions for eligibility such as the duration one has to work for the company to get the benefits. The site therefore explains about various benefits, persons that qualify and when to qualify for the benefits. Employees can navigate the site’s section about work related subjects and get information they need such as additional training that they might need to advance their careers with Sears. Users can access benefits updates and newsletters posted on the site.

To get specific information, users will have to log in different areas. Occasionally, there is a message that informs users that certain areas of the site can only be accessed via a Sears Holding Computer. At 88Sears site, employees can easily access the code of conduct and related Human Resource policies. With the Sears site, employees who access it can be very knowledgeable and understand the benefits they are eligible for. Having information about ones earnings and issues of employment on Sears online site is convenient than having to seek information from prints or from the employers.

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